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There’s indisputably something about Shane Anderson’s style and aesthetic that allows him to bring a little extra through his musicAmelia Vandergast | A&R Factory

Shane Anderson is an up and coming voice in the world of R&B and Neo-Soul. Shane's songs are filled with memorable melodies, catchy hooks and gripping lyrics that will make you want to hit the replay button instantly.Artist Rack

Shane takes you on a journey of emotion, aural pleasures and personal reflection of this mysterious RNB crooner. Shane's multi versatile approach as a Producer, Singer and Songwriter is addicting.PR WEB

Shane Anderson delivers beautiful vocals and a great set of lyrics that paint a complete picture for the listener. Shane Anderson is a polished artist who makes music that anybody can relate to.Russ Radio

Shane Anderson is silky soul wrapped up in a R&B/Pop Vessel. I believe that once the right record label grabs hold of Shane Anderson and his sound, he will be a force to reckon with. He is an amazing songwriter and producer. Shane is the answer to the reemerging R&B landscape. He is so necessary in this current music scene.Stacy Roberson | (Former Songbook Entertainment) | Independent A&R

Producer/Singer/Songwriter Shane Anderson is a triple threat. As an artist and singer Shane has the talent and smoothness of a lighter skinned usher. However, Shane really demonstrates his musical prowess with his production and songwriting abilities as well. Shane Anderson is just getting started but people will be bumping and grinding and making love to his music for a long time.Keatly Haldeman | CEO of Riptide Music Group

Hey Shane, checked out your music. There is no doubt you are super talented. Your ideas and production approaches for each song is solid and you are also a gifted songwriter. Finding new way to talk about love and romance as well as breakups and pain is the hardest thing in the world to do and those that can do it are far and few in between and you nail it! I feel it's just a matter of time before you land a deal.TAXI A&R



Shane Anderson “DIVN” Official Music Video

Shane Anderson “Summer” Official Music Video

Shane Anderson “Prisoner of War” Official Music Video

Shane Anderson “Athena” Official Music Video

Shane Anderson “Let Go” Official Music Video

Shane Anderson “Good Love” Official Music Video



Shane Anderson, is a contemporary R&B singer and songwriter based out of Sacramento, CA. The son of a military veteran, Shane was born in Landstuhl, Germany and spent portions of his early life in Germany and then Hawaii in his teens, then moving to California to focus on music. Every artist has a story and after the sudden and tragic murder of his best friend of over 15+ years Marcel, whose household music echoed Prince, Al Green, Luther Vandross and would forever mold Shane’s musical influence and interest in RnB setting in motion a career that has spanned 20+ years

From an early age, producer/singer/songwriter Shane Anderson has been crafting music destined for bigger things. Having experience both as a producer and artist, Shane knows exactly what it takes to build an unforgettable and captivating song, just like his deeply emotional song, “Prisoner of War” in which the listener can experience his moving melodies and intimate storytelling of a soldiers struggle with PTSD. Shane’s vocals are instantly hypnotizing, the way his warm vocals drip like gold onto every track he creates like his sexually driven song “3AM”, is unlike anything else that can be found in today’s R&B music landscape…a chameleon of sorts Shane is unique and captivating because you would never think that RnB flowed through his veins at first glance but coupled with his extraordinary melodies are his incredibly relatable lyrics that flow into the hearts of everyone who listens. It’s no surprise how Shane’s music has traveled far and wide, reaching over 2.5 million plays on the now defunct Myspace and  having had several placements on networks and shows to include “The Kardashians” “MTV” “BET” & “OXYGEN” his music is unstoppable and will only continue to flourish as he focuses on releasing new, engaging and spellbinding songs.

For the past 7 years Shane has been focused on production and has co-produced and contributed to artist who have been on American Idol, Dancing with The Stars and Disney to name a few. In 2018 Shane reemerged with his sexually driven music video “Good Love” and his powerful pop record “Let Go” produced by MDL who has chalked up hits with Justin Bieber, Maroon 5 and Mike Posner just to name a few. Let Go has recently been nominated for “Best R&B Video” nominated right next to India Arie and “Best Male Vocalist” at the LA MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS which will be held in Los Angeles May 11th, 2019.

With his new album “I.N.F.J” just released is already making waves. Shane is a storyteller and with the right people behind him the world will know his sound and music.


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